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Podręczniki 2018/2019

Literatura obcojęzyczna

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Znaleziono 3149 pasujących rekordów dla kryteriów wyszukiwania
Le ravin, Oates Joyce Carol
Le ravin
35,00 zł 31,50 zł
The way in the front, Feng Ping
The way in the front
29,00 zł 26,10 zł

Le ravin Wymouth, New Jersey. Agent immobilier le jour et photographe la nuit, Matt McBride semble heureux. Qui se douterait qu'il n'a pas oublié ... więcej

"It is a great pleasure to recommend to a Polish reader the literary debut of the Chinese student of the University of Warsaw (who studies International ... więcej

Malavita, Benacquista Tonino
43,00 zł 38,70 zł
La Petite Fadette, Sand George

Une famille d'Américains s'installe a Cholong-sur-Avre, en Normandie. Fred, le pere, se prétend écrivain et prépare un livre ... więcej

Comme il marchait la tete basse et les yeux fichés en terre, il sentit quelqu'un qui lui tapait l'épaule, et se retournant il vit la petite-fille ... więcej

Moloch, Jonquet Thierry
39,90 zł 35,90 zł
Tintin en Amerique, Herge

Une maisonnette d'apparence banale, dressée au fond d'un terrain vague. Et toute une équipe de police hébétée, certains ... więcej

Dans Tintin en Amérique (1932), le héros confirme sa vocation de redresseur de torts, en s'opposant au mafioso Al Capone, aux gangsters de ... więcej

La garçonniere, Gremillon Helene
Hand Shadows,
Hand Shadows
12,00 zł 10,80 zł

Buenos Aires, 1987. Lisandra Puig est retrouvée morte défenestrée, au pied de son immeuble. La police aussitôt suspecte son ... więcej

32 silhouettes to make with your hands.

Love in Warsaw, Ping Feng
Love in Warsaw
45,00 zł 40,50 zł
Who Governs Britain?, King Anthony

A Chinese girl, Ling Xuan, comes to the University of Warsaw to study international relations since the boy whom she loves would like to study there. However ... więcej

The British system has been radically transformed in recent decades, far more than most of us realise. As acclaimed political scientist and bestselling ... więcej

Im Nebel, Gajda Stefan
Dali El pintor de suenos,
Dali El pintor de suenos
45,00 zł 40,50 zł

Stefan Gajda wurde 1939 in Krakau, Polen, geboren. Er studierte Maschinenbau an der Akademie fur Berg- und Hiittenwesen in Krakau, sein Diplom wurde von ... więcej

Dalí es uno de los artistas más importantes del siglo xx. En Dalí. El pintor de sueños, Laura Corpa habla de su lado más ... więcej

How Elephants Lost Their Wings + CD,
Forward Foundation, Asimov Isaac

A retelling of an Indian folktale about a time when elephants could fly…but flying elephants can mean big trouble! First Reading Level 2 are ... więcej

A stunning testament to his creative genius. Forward The Foundation is a the saga’s dramatic climax — the story Asimov fans have been waiting ... więcej

Lust Caution, Chang Eileen
Samson the mighty flea, McAllister Angela, Reed Nathan

A gripping, intensely atmospheric story of love, espionage and betrayal in wartime Shanghai, Lust, Caution is accompanied here by four more shimmering ... więcej

Samson is the star of Fleabag's Circus – this strong-flea can lift a match, he can lift a pea, he can lift lovely flea Amelie. But it's not enough ... więcej

Cross Justice, Patterson James
Cross Justice
31,50 zł 28,40 zł
When Strangers Meet, Stark Kio

When his cousin is accused of a heinous crime, Alex Cross returns to his North Carolina hometown for the first time in over three decades. As he tries ... więcej

Discover the unexpected pleasures and exciting possibilities of talking to people you don’t know—how these beautiful interruptions can change ... więcej

Wipe Clean Starting School,
Alice Through the Looking-Glass. Alicja po drugiej stronie lustra z podręcznym słownikiem angielsko-polskim, Carroll Lewis

Packed with simple, fun, and effective exercises, this is a great, practical activity book to help your child get ready to start school. Alongside key ... więcej

Through the Looking-Glass z podręcznym słownikiem angielsko-polskim (Alicja po drugiej stronie lustra) to kontynuacja przygód Alicji w ... więcej

The Time Machine. Wehikuł czasu z podręcznym słownikiem angielsko-polskim, Wells H. G.
The Horror of the Heights. Groza na wysokości z podręcznym słownikiem angielsko-polskim, Doyle Arthur Conan

The Time Machine z podręcznym słownikiem angielsko-polskim (Wehikuł czasu) jest powieścią science fiction, napisaną przez ... więcej

„Groza na wysokości” to krótkie opowiadanie, wchodzące w skład - wydanego w 1913 roku - zbioru „Tales of Terror ... więcej

Dear Amy, Callaghan Helen
Dear Amy
41,00 zł 36,90 zł
Frankenstein z podręcznym słownikiem angielsko-polskim, Shelley Mary

Would you risk your life to save a stranger? Discover what happens next in the Sunday Times bestselling psychological thriller, Dear Amy . . . A local ... więcej

Powieść Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus z podręcznym słownikiem angielsko-polskim (Frankentein), uznana jako prekursor gatunku ... więcej

Woman of God, Patterson James
Woman of God
35,70 zł 32,10 zł
The Massacre of Mankind, Baxter Stephen

St. Peter's Square, Rome. White smoke signals that a new Pope has been chosen. The world is watching as massive crowds gather in Rome, waiting for news ... więcej

It has been 14 years since the Martians invaded England. The world has moved on, always watching the skies but content that we know how to defeat the Martian ... więcej

Lean in 15 The Sustain Plan, Wicks Joe
The Blood Miracles, McInerney Lisa

Bestselling author Joe Wicks, aka The Body Coach, has inspired thousands to transform their bodies by shifting unwanted fat and building lean muscle. In ... więcej

Like all twenty-year-olds, Ryan Cusack is trying to get his head around who he is. This is not a good time for his boss to exploit his dual heritage by ... więcej

The Genius of Islam, Ramadan Tariq
15 Million Degrees, Green Lucie

The essential introduction to Islam by a leading expert Hardly a day goes by without mention of Islam. And yet, for most people, and in much of the world ... więcej

110 times wider than Earth; 15 million degrees at its core; an atmosphere so huge that Earth is actually within it: come and meet the star of our solar ... więcej



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