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ksiazka tytuł: Mick Jagger In His Own Words autor: AudioGO
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Mick Jagger In His Own Words

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Wydawnictwo: AudioGO
ISBN: 9781445872056
Język: angielski

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A fascinating collection of archive interviews with the famed lead singer of the Rolling Stones. In this archive we hear - in his owns words - about being the voice of his generation. He talks about touring with one of the biggest bands in the world and why he needs to perform. He discusses his favourite Stones songs and isextraordinarily open about some of his personal experiences, which have included drugs and alcohol, prison and being anti-establishment. He is particularly candid about earning money and being the businessman of the Stones, hating awards and ceremonies, as well as his solo work. Mick also talks about the longevity of the Rolling Stones, fatherhood and family, his love of cricket and, ultimately, making music to make you happy.



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