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ksiazka tytuł: It's Your Round (Episode 2, Series 1) autor: Benjamin Deayton Angus & Powell Paul & Partridge
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It's Your Round (Episode 2, Series 1)

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Wydawnictwo: AudioGO
ISBN: 9781445815367
Język: angielski

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'It's Your Round' is the comedy panel game where the format is simple: there is no format. Instead, each of the panellists has brought along their own round for the others to play, meaning that each show is unique, untried, and unpredictable. Angus Deayton is the host valiantly trying to make sure everyone comes out of it with their reputations intact. This episode Andy Parsons, Rebecca Front, Miles Jupp and prog-rock legend, Rick Wakeman battle it out to see who can beat each other at their own games. Can the teams guess the concept for Rick's new prog rock album in his 'What's the Concept?' round? What happens when the teams have to play Andy's inventively titled 'It's Not Your Round'? And would Rebecca Front like to marry Prince William? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this show.



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