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Biologic Joint Reconstruction

Alternatives to Arthroplasty
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Wydawnictwo: SLACK Incorporated
ISBN: 9781617117350
Wydanie: 2009 r.
Język: angielski

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The treatment of chondral damage and early arthritis in patients remains a challenge. Biologic Joint Reconstruction: Alternatives to Arthroplasty has accepted this challenge, providing a comprehensive look into the fast growing area of cartilage repair and early arthritis surgery for virtually every major joint. Drs. Brian J. Cole and Andreas H. Gomoll have created a text that includes a detailed approach to surgical management utilizing procedures such as osteotomy, cartilage repair, cartilage restoration, and limited resurfacing. Treatment indications, surgical techniques, and non-operative treatment in the knee, shoulder, hip and smaller joints are also highlighted in the text. Additional Topics Include: Imaging modalities for cartilage defects Meniscal transplantation Limited prosthetic resurfacing Allograft processing and safety Pharmacological treatment Cell-based therapy with ACI Unicompartmental knee replacementBiologic Joint Reconstruction is the only orthopedic text on the market that combines discussion of biological and limited prosthetic options for the treatment of chondral damage and early arthritis for the young active adult, as well as for traditional joint replacement patients. Who Will Be Interested in Biologic Joint Reconstruction: Alternatives to Arthroplasty: Orthopedic Surgeons in Sports Medicine Orthopedic Surgeons who Perform Joint Replacements Orthopedic Residents and Fellows



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