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ksiazka tytuł: Girl Crush autor: Elizabeth Cage, Penelope Friday, Sommer Marsden, Sadie Wolf, Teddy Masters
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Girl Crush

A collection of five erotic stories
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Redakcja: Miranda Forbes
Wydawnictwo: Xcite Books
ISBN: 9781908006851
Wydanie: 2010 r.
Język: angielski

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A collection of five erotic stories with mixed and exciting themes including threesomes, FF action and sex with a stranger from Xcite Books winners of ETO's Best Erotic Book Brand and Jade's Best Erotic Fiction Publisher 2010, 2011 and 2012.Girl Crush by Sommer Marsden: A married couple and a pretty young waitress discover just how much fun three people can have in a hotel room.After Dark by Elizabeth Cage:Mira is less than pleased at being sent on a dull computer course involving two nights in a budget motel in Basingstoke, with only her favourite vibrator for company. But a mix up at the hotel leads to a surprising turn of events and Mira, far from being bored, ends up living out her favourite sexual fantasy...Housemate Potential by Penelope Friday:A feisty biker girl goes to check out a room for rent. The door is answered by a surprised but rather pleased young man who shows her around the flat. Not surprisingly, the two potential housemates find more to talk about than the hideous 1970s wallpaper in the spare room.The Secret Whore by Sadie Wolf: To the outside world- and her husband- Caroline is a normal, respectable wife-with-a-part-time-job. Except that her part time job is working as a prostitute. Exciting, sexy, scary and full of surprises this story lifts the lid on the details of the worlds oldest profession.A Brief Encounter by Teddy Masters:Steamy stranger-sex-on-a-train. Hot, dirty and sexy.These stories have also been published in Sex and Satisfaction Two ISBN 9781906373726



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