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ksiazka tytuł: Point of Fracture autor: Frank Turner Hollon
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Point of Fracture

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Wydawnictwo: Random House
ISBN: 9780385672672
Wydanie: 2010 r.
Język: angielski

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A troubled woman, bent on revenge, implicates her husband, his family, and a Southern community in an unsolvable murder. After nearly fifteen years in a childless marriage, Michael Brace and his beautiful wife, Suzanne, live separate lives under the same roof. Suzanne suffers crippling headaches and is haunted by childhood memories of her father, visions of violence, and the bloodlines of mental illness. Michael, meanwhile, sleeps on the couch, hiding in the shadows of his wealthy family and thinking about the novel hes always wanted to write. In a tangled desire for revenge against her father, her husband, his family, and everything she cannot reconcile, Suzanne Brace sets in motion a patient, complicated plan of deception, sacrifice, and death. But as with all plans even those executed to perfection there are waves of fatal consequence. With spare prose and shrewd insight, Hollon explores the intertwined relationships of family and community in the face of an unthinkable crime, and illuminates the fine line between destruction and salvation.From the Trade Paperback edition.



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