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ksiazka tytuł: Shot on Location autor: Helen Nielsen
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Shot on Location

Wersja elektroniczna (brak aktualizacji)
Wydawnictwo: F W Media
ISBN: 9781440541292
Wydanie: 2012 r.
Język: angielski

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The filming of an American movie set on location in Greece becomes the stage for a far more sinister production in this unputdownable political suspense. Rich and famous movie directors like Harry Avery don't ordinarily disappear-especially when on a routine flight in a private plane seeking location shots for another film. Yet why was Avery flying so close to the Albanian border? Why had his hitherto reliable plane crashed so unpredictably? And why-once the rescue party reached the spot in the Greek mountains-wasn't his body found among the wreckage?Brad Smith, back in Los Angeles after active duty in Vietnam, is determined to find Avery. Brad has his own scores to settle with the millionaire director, for not only has Avery stolen some of his original TV scripts, written just before he left for the service, he has also stolen his girlfriend, the now famous actress, Rhona Avery.Upon arrival in Greece, Brad soon realizes that Avery's ominous disappearance has far greater implication than he anticipated. Soon he is caught up in a dangerous web of plot and counterplot as eh discovers he is not alone in the manhunt: the beautiful actress he once loved seems to have more on her mind than wifely devotion in her frantic search; the CIA as well as the undercover agents of another world power are equally determined to find the missing director. And each, for different reasons, is desperate to track him down first.No one knows better than Helen Nielsen how to keep a complex plot going at a faster-than-the-eye-can-see pace. Danger, intrigue and the guessable conclusion-hallmarks of Miss Nielsen's suspenses-are evidenced yet again.



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