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ksiazka tytuł: Proud Prince autor: Justin Huntly McCarthy
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Proud Prince

Wersja elektroniczna (brak aktualizacji)
Wydawnictwo: PubOne
ISBN: 9782819904731
Wydanie: 2010 r.
Język: angielski

Dostępność: aktualnie niedostępny
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The girl stood on the summit of the hill looking down the white highway that stretched to Syracuse. The morning sun shone hotly; sky and sea and earth seemed to kindle and quicken in the ecstasy of heat, setting free spirits of air and earth and water, towards whom the girl's spirit stirred in sympathy. All about her beauty flamed luxuriant. At her feet the secrets of the world were written in wild flowers, the wild flowers of Sicily, which redeem the honor of the wellnigh flowerless land of Greece. All about her the ground flushed with such color as never yet was woven on a Persian loom or blended in a wizard's diadem. The gold and silver of great daisies gleamed in the grass; pimpernel blue and red, mallow red and white, yellow spurge and green mignonette, blue borage and pink asphodel and parti-colored convolvulus, snap-dragon and marigold, violet and dandelion, and that crimson flower which shepherds call Pig's Face and poets call Beard of Jove for its golden change in autumn - all these and a thousand other children of the spring lay at the girl's feet and carpeted her kingdom



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