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ksiazka tytuł: Parenting Tips: Sleep autor: Kathy Fray
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Parenting Tips: Sleep

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Wydawnictwo: RHNZ Adult ebooks
ISBN: 9781775533993
Wydanie: 2013 r.
Język: angielski

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How to help your baby or young child sleep well so they are happier and healthier . . . and so are you.The underlying theme of Kathy Fray's advice is: one of the best things for you, your baby and your household is to do what it takes to give your baby the ability to go to sleep unaided. Babies are happier and healthier when they have been taught solid sleep habits . . . and so are the parents. Sleep deprivation rates as the most challenging difficulty for the majority of new mothers. And all the experts, whatever their position, agree that teaching your baby to become a good sleeper is one of the most satisfying and directly rewarding things a parent can do.Kathy Fray has a very clear and firm system for helping babies learn to sleep well, and there is a very important reason why - the side effects of parental (and infant) sleep deprivation are insidious and harmful.As a new parent, it was Kathy's mission to teach her new babies positive sleeping patterns, enabling them to sleep soundly through the night as expediently as possible - to assist their wee brains to develop unhindered, and to eliminate her own sleep deprivation enabling her to be a more energised mother.To help simplify things, she has summarised teaching babies to be good sleepers as: 12 Golden Rules and 12 Magical Secrets and 20 Do's and Don'ts.



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