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ksiazka tytuł: Appleton Sisters Series 3-Book Bundle autor: Katie Rose
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Appleton Sisters Series 3-Book Bundle

A Hint of Mischief, Courting Trouble, Mistletoe & Magic
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Wydawnictwo: Random House
ISBN: 9780345546579
Wydanie: 2014 r.
Język: angielski

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The Appleton sisters of Victorian-era New York City prove that good things come in threes. In the classic historical romance novels A Hint of Mischief and Courting Trouble, along with the Christmas novella Mistletoe and Magic, beloved author Katie Rose brings these uniquely clever, otherworldly women to life. Now the whole trilogy is available in one delightful eBook bundle. A HINT OF MISCHIEF For the bewitching Jennifer Appleton, there is nothing the least bit wicked about holding a seance. She and her charming sisters happen to offer the matrons of Victorian Manhattan a great deal of comfort. So it's something of a shock when Gabriel Forester shows up at their door, lobbing accusations of fraudand his remarkably compelling gazeat lovely, wide-eyed Jennifer. As passion flares unexpectedly, Gabriel and Jennifer must learn to forget the ghostly voices of the past . . . and listen to their beating hearts. COURTING TROUBLE No one could accuse the Appleton sisters of embracing tradition. Though Winifred Appleton hopes to champion the rights of women by becoming an attorney, no law school will take on female students. Her only choice is to accept an apprenticeship from Charles Howeand try to ignore the fiery passion the handsome prosecutor arouses. Intrigued by Winifred's spirit, Charles plans to propose once she inevitably buckles under the pressure. But when the pair are pitted on opposite sides of a contentious murder trial, they learn that love is the only argument that matters. MISTLETOE AND MAGIC (NOVELLA) Blond, angelic Penelope Appleton possesses breathtaking looksand a troublesome secret. Unlike her sisters, Penelope actually does glimpse the future. On the eve of her coming out, Penelope sees a vision of a rakishly handsome dark-haired man who she knows is her destiny. She also foretells his death. At the next night's Christmas ball, the ethereal beauty tries to deny the magic between her and Jared Marton . . . until a perfect kiss dissolves all barriers to sweet surrender. But soon a perfect love is challenged by the cold winds of fate.



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