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ksiazka tytuł: Sargas Sting autor: Louise Vowels
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Sargas Sting

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ISBN: 9781291774238
Wydanie: 2014 r.
Język: angielski

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The Sargas Sting is the second book in the Orion's Belt trilogy. The books follow the lives of Sarah, Gillian, and Kate over three generations. Orion met his demise with the sting of the scorpion and so it is appropriate that this second book focuses on Sargas a star in the Scorpio constellation. All things must come to an end and from endings come new beginnings, some expected, some longed for and other beginnings They take life in a whole new and unknown direction. Some changes are welcomed others have a venomous sting. This is life's joy and life's sorrowFollow the story of Sarah, Kate and Gillian and see how their lives become connected with each other, the majesty and hopelessness of Talinistan and the enigmatic man that is Medved. The strength of a woman lies not in her physique, but in her heart and soul. Outside, superficial beauty is fleeting, inside beauty shines ever more brightly for a whole lifetime and beyond



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