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ksiazka tytuł: I Was There When the Trawlers Went to War autor: Ludlam Harry Lund Paul
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I Was There When the Trawlers Went to War

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Wydawnictwo: Foulsham
ISBN: 9780572041045
Wydanie: 2012 r.
Język: angielski

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To the men who served, it was Harry Tate's Navy. To Britain's official records it was The Royal Naval Patrol Service.Therein lies the difference between reality and history. History tends to accentuate the positive and to sanitise any unpalatable truth. You will find no sanitisation here.This is how it really happened.This was our hastily-armed trawler fleet, manned by fishermen. It was very rough and ever ready. These little ships punched so far above their weight that they won the respect and admiration of the whole naval service. Every day of this brutal war, Harry Tate's Navy performed heroic service as Mine Sweepers, Convoy Escorts and U-Boat hunters! From America to Russia, these old trawlers went to war with outdated everything. They were driven by courage. These are the men that the whole war machine recognised through the name they built for themselves The Harry Tates.Their story has been meticulously researched and is excitingly told by the men who were there. Theirs was one of the most dramatic theatres of World War II at sea. And through their achievements you understand that these are the kind of men who put the GREAT in Britain.



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