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ksiazka tytuł: Evidence-based Management of Lipid Disorders autor: Maud N. Vissers
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Evidence-based Management of Lipid Disorders

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Wydawnictwo: tfm Publishing
ISBN: 9781908986597
Wydanie: 2003 r.
Język: angielski

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Practising evidence-based medicine necessarily depends on the clinician having access to the best evidence available, but in a fast-moving field, keeping up to date with the latest developments is a challenging prospect. In this new volume, leading experts focus on the most important clinical issues associated with the management of lipid disorders, evaluating and interpreting the evidence available to provide the reader with a reliable summary of our current knowledge. Topics covered include therapeutical strategies for managing hereditary lipid disorders, including familial hypercholesterolemia, both in adults and children, and familial combined hypercholesterolemia. The authors also evaluate the evidence for a link between inflammatory disease and cardiovascular risk; the metabolic syndrome and the interconnections between dyslipidemias and diabetes. They also look at therapeutic challenges such as the management of patients who are statin resistant, and the control of lipid levels in those suffering renal insufficiency. Tables highlight important data, evidence from trial results and expert reports, and each section concludes with a series of key points that present a summary of evidence-based recommendations for best practice, graded according to the quality of that evidence. Evidence-based Management of Lipid Disorders provides the busy clinician with a unique analysis of the data supporting current therapies and will help the reader formulate effective strategies for treating their own patients.



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