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ksiazka tytuł: Initial Management of Acute Medical Patients autor: Michelle Garner, Ian Wood
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Initial Management of Acute Medical Patients

A Guide for Nurses and Healthcare Practitioners
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Wydawnictwo: Wiley
ISBN: 9781444361278
Wydanie: 2012 r.
Język: angielski

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Initial Management of Acute Medical Patients is a clinically focused, practical and contemporary guide for assessing and managing patients with acute medical conditions. Suitable for all nurses and healthcare practitioners working in medical assessment units, medical wards, and emergency departments, it presents a structured approach based on common presenting features and focuses on the first 24 hours of the patient’s hospital stay. The book draws on a wide range of supporting evidence and also provides the reader with sources for further reading. Key features: ·         Written predominantly by nurses for nurses, this text is also suitable for a range of healthcare professionals, including paramedics and nurse practitioners, and anybody working in an acute care environment including primary care assessment units, clinical decision units and intermediate care.   ·         Designed as a quick reference text for use in clinical practice. ·         Extensively referenced throughout, thus increasing its appeal to practitioners at all stages of their careers and to those who are undertaking further study. ·         Devotes two entire chapters to assessing and meeting the acute care needs of vulnerable adults (i.e. older adults, those with mental health needs, and those with learning disabilities), and discussing best practice in dealing with sudden death. ·         Each chapter offers clear, concise and down-to-earth information based on a common presenting symptom and provides practical advice, supported by best evidence and the most up to date clinical guidelines. ·         Fully updated and extensively expanded to include recent guidelines and procedures 



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