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ksiazka tytuł: List autor: Paul Bedford
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Wydawnictwo: Dog with a Bone Studios
ISBN: 9780992372248
Wydanie: 2012 r.
Język: angielski

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The List is the first and only Australian graphic novel to have been optioned for feature film. That is no small feat considering the hundreds of works released by publishers, traditional, independent and those who are based overseas which have produced works by Australian creators. Synopsis:In this 200 page critically acclaimed modern psych-horror epic, a young man is visited by an Angel bearing the New Commandments, and an offer: should the man complete each of the Commandments, his family will be granted an eternal place in God's House. But has this quest truly been sent from Heaven, or is it simply the imaginings of a madman with a mind from Hell? The List is a work which respects the intelligence of its audience, challenging the reader to piece together the events and hidden clues as they search for reason amongst the insanity. Relentlessly brutal, challenging and confronting, The List creates a waking nightmare, employing disturbing themes and psychological implications to as opposed to cheap scare tactics to tap into its reader's psyche. It leaves an unshakable impression. Comparisons: Seven, The Crow, A Clockwork Orange, Memento.



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