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ksiazka tytuł: Best of Roger Frank Selby autor: Roger Frank Selby
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Best of Roger Frank Selby

A collection of five erotic stories
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Wydawnictwo: Xcite Books
ISBN: 9781908192455
Wydanie: 2011 r.
Język: angielski

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The Best of Roger Frank Selby, A Sculptors Touch, and other talesA naive young model must pose for a mysterious but afflicted sculptor. Initially disturbed and outraged by his exotic lifestyle and submissive companion, she later decides to return with a vengeance. But how can a blind man sculpt a woman?The newly colonised planet, Eden, has slipped back into feudalism. An overlord sends out his flying Examiner to harvest exceptional women from his surrounding lands but just who is this seraphic Examiner, and will the super-intelligent beauty, Andromeda, change this man forever?A female Butler, ex-army, is settling into her new job at the manor house until she encounters an old lover the fiance of her male employer. A sexual catharsis with the couple obliterates her past trauma, and her suppressed femininity bursts free, but will it cost her her job?A woodwork teacher having trouble controlling his class discovers a new confidence when the busty, bossy drama teacher asks him to fashion a bespoke set of stocks for the school play. Trial fittings uncover that drama teacher, leading to spankings and her sexual liberation within the medieval restraining device.An exercise bike manufacturing business is going downhill until the new German secretary suggests a brilliant, sexy innovation to the two partners. But just where is this cosy photo shoot on their new exercise tandem taking the three of them?Five wide-ranging, libido-launching tales, selected from Roger Frank Selbys many stories written for Xcite books.



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