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ksiazka tytuł: Angel for Sale autor: Sommer Marsden, Beverly Langland, Marlene Yong, Bertram Fox, Cherry Hedley
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Angel for Sale

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Wydawnictwo: Xcite Books
ISBN: 9781909335721
Wydanie: 2013 r.
Język: angielski

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An Xcite Books collection of five erotic stories with supernatural and paranormal themes.Angel for SaleDuring a night out at a fetish club, an adventurous couple buy a sweet, chained slave with wings from a dark and sinister domme, and all for the bargain price of one drink. When they take her home for spanking and sex, they think its just a game but it turns out to be a truly heavenly experience.StraySebastian is used to being boring. He has a boring job in IT. A boring flat in which he lives his boring life alone. On one predictably boring day, he finds a stray dog and takes it back to his flat. Suddenly, his life goes from boring to waking up with a beautiful, naked girl who is about to make his life very interesting indeed.He is so WarmNo one understands me. They call meThe Hooker With A Heart Of Gold. That is the title of my legend and of my spirit. But I had to do what I had to do. And every year I try to make it right. I try to feel again. I try so hard to get warm and feel human and connect. Like with that young man over there. I think his name is Dean. He looks like a good man. He would never hurt me. I think I want to know this man. Because he is so warm, I am so cold WillowUntil that night, Josh hadnt thought he was frightened of anything. He didnt believe in the supernatural, but when he took a shortcut through the darkness of Bracken Wood, despite a friends warning, he wasnt so certain. What Josh didnt expect was to have a beautiful wood nymph fall into his arms, but once he had hold of her, he didnt want to let go. For a long time he had dreamed of finding the perfect girlfriend but, as the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for...The Ultimate VoyeurWhen Serena passes out at the moment she loses her virginity, she awakes to find herself imprisoned in an extraordinary situation, ripe with erotic possibilities, but beyond her expectations or understanding. Can she cope ? And even if she does, what lies at the other end ?These stories have also been published in Dead Sexy by Xcite Books



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