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Znaleziono 57568 pasujących rekordów dla kryteriów wyszukiwania
Oxford American Handbook of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (B8, Flexicover), Weiss
Atlas of Gross Pathology, Rose
Atlas of Gross Pathology
464,70 zł 418,20 zł

Detailed understanding of gross pathology is mandatory for successful pathologists, but this knowledge also provides a sound foundation for those intending ... więcej

Hindsight The Promise and Peril of Looking Backward, Freeman
Ed King, David Guterson
Ed King
40,00 zł 36,00 zł

In 1962, actuary Walter Cousins makes the biggest mistake of his life. When mild-mannered Walter - 'a man who weighs risk for a living' - sleeps with the ... więcej

Soviet Union, LOVELL
Sorrows of Young Werther, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The Soviet Union: A Very Short Introduction blends political history with an investigation into the society and culture at the time. Stephen Lovell examines ... więcej

A major work of German romanticism in a translation that is acknowledged as the definitive English language version. The Vintage Classics edition also ... więcej

Yoga Body The Origins of Modern Posture Practice, Singleton
Environments for Health, John MacDonald
Environments for Health
102,10 zł 91,90 zł

The practice of yoga has become hugely popular in the West. Most people assume (and many claim) that 'postural' yoga - characterized by the familiar, demanding ... więcej

'John Macdonald once again turns the traditional approach to health care on its head. Instead of merely diagnosing and managing disease, he urges health ... więcej

SBA and MTF MCQs for the Final FRCA, Nickells/Walton/FRCAQ.COM
Independence of Scotland Self-government and the Shifting Politics of Union, KEATING

Preparing for the Final FRCA? Wondering what to expect of the SBA questions? Help is at hand. This practical book contains 60 single best answer and 120 ... więcej

In a thought-provoking analysis Keating reviews the political, constitutional, and legal issues around Scottish independence and the political economy ... więcej

Science and Religion, Dixon
Eyes of the People Democracy in an Age of Spectatorship, Green

From the trial of Galileo through to today's controversy over the teaching of 'Intelligent Design' in schools, there has been a long history of conflict ... więcej

The Eyes of the People examines democracy from the perspective of everyday citizens in their everyday lives. While it is customary to understand the citizen ... więcej

Lo esencial en metabolismo y nutricion + Cursos Crash (web), Roach LIM
Meaning and Normativity, Allan GIBBARD
Meaning and Normativity
152,80 zł 137,60 zł

La serie 'Cursos Crash' esta disenada para que el estudiante aproveche su tiempo de estudio, ofreciendole todas las respuestas a aquellas cuestiones que ... więcej

The concepts of meaning and mental content resist naturalistic analysis. This is because they are normative: they depend on ideas of how things ought to ... więcej

East of the Mountains, David Guterson
East of the Mountains
35,00 zł 31,50 zł
Practical Guide to the Care of the Medical Patient, Fred F. Ferri

When Dr Ben Givens left his Seattle home he never intended to return. It was to be a journey past snow-covered mountains to a place of canyons, sagelands ... więcej

Practical Guide to the Care of the Medical Patient is the concise and clinically-focused pocket resource you need to get through your internal medicine ... więcej

48,90 zł 44,00 zł
Irish Establishment 1879-1914, CAMPBELL
Irish Establishment 1879-1914
305,70 zł 275,10 zł

The Irish Establishment examines who the most powerful men and women were in Ireland between the Land War and the beginning of the Great War, and considers ... więcej

Ethics of Consent Theory and Practice, Miller
Girl with the Golden Eyes and Other Stories, Honore de Balzac

The three short fictions in this unique collection, Sarrasine, The Unknown Masterpiece, and The Girl with the Golden Eyes, deal with the relationship between ... więcej



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